Giving Opportunities

The purpose of the Danbury Museum and Historical Society Authority is to acquire, preserve, exhibit, and interpret the heritage of Danbury, Connecticut for the purpose of education, information and research.

Stocks, Bonds, or Tangible Property

The donation of stocks, bonds, or securities is an important and useful way of supporting the Danbury Museum and Historical Society.  If you are interested in making a donation of this type, please contact your broker and ask them to arrange the transaction.  Donations of real estate or other personal property are also welcome.  If you are interested in making a gift of tangible property, please call 203-743-5200. The Danbury Museum and Historical Society is a non-profit organization, and gifts such as those described above are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Charitable Gift Annuities

The Museum is pleased to offer charitable gift annuities.  Under this gift arrangement, the Museum will accept gifts of cash or investment securities in exchange for guaranteed lifetime income payments to the donor.  These gifts provide an attractive lifetime income payment for the donor, as well as an immediate charitable income tax deduction.  

Bequests and Trusts

Donors are encouraged to make charitable gifts to the Danbury Museum and Historical Society in the form of a bequest in a will, the establishment of a trust, or other similar financial arrangements.  Such gifts can be structured to support the Museum’s mission while, at the same time, assuring the security of the donor or the donor's family. 

Historic Items

If you are interested in donating items to the Danbury Museum and Historical Society's museum or library/archival collections, please contact Brigid Guertin to discuss this donation and its possible relevance to the Museum's existing collection. To eliminate any potential conflict of interest, and to comply with tax regulations, the Museum cannot appraise donated items with a dollar value. Donors seeking such an appraisal should consult an independent source.  The value of such gifts made to the Danbury Museum and Historical Society is deductible for federal income tax purposes within the limits of the Internal Revenue Code.