Educators Corner

School Visits Grade 3

Then and Now: Museum staff will visit Danbury Public Schools with a multimedia presentation that features vintage photographs of Danbury to introduce our rich history to third grade students.

Field Trip Fun: Danbury Public School students visit the museum to tour the four historic buildings on our Main Street campus. Tours are led by living history experts who bring Danbury's unique story to life. For the afternoon session, groups can experience Danbury's Museum in the Streets program by taking a walk through our Downtown Historic District followed by a visit to the Danbury Railway Museum or the Still River Greenway. 

School Visits Grade 5

Surviving the 18th Century:
Danbury Public School students spend a day at the Danbury Museum with 18th century re-enactors. Each re-enactor will lead an interactive session about surviving and understanding life in the 1700’s. Hands-on activities include weaving, butter making, colonial games, colonial dancing, and Native American life.


Life in the 18th Century

This museum program is available for homeschool groups.  Please contact the museum to schedule a visit and to take advantage of this unique, educational opportunity.

Please Note

All school programs hosted by The Danbury Museum & Historical Society support Connecticut Social Studies Frameworks 2015, Common Core Learning Standards, and both STEM & STEAM guidelines.

Danbury Public Schools Visits

Schedule for 2017 grade 3 students

May 9 - King Street Primary (Still River)
May 11 - Mill Ridge Primary (Railway Museum)
May 19 - Great Plain (Still River)
May 23 - Stadley Rough (Still River)
May 25 - Shelter Rock (Railway Museum)
May 30 - Park Avenue (Railway Museum)
May 31 - AIS (Still River)
June 1 - South Street
June 2 - Ellsworth (Still River)
June 6 - Pembroke (Railway Museum)
June 8 - Hayestown (Still River)
June 9 - Morris Street