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or by calling 203.743.5200 to order via phone.

The Life and Times of the Great Danbury State Fair


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The newest addition to our bookshelf at The Danbury Museum The Life & Times of The Great Danbury State Fair by Gladys Stetson Leahy & John H. “Jack” Stetson

Hardcover with dust jacket; 300 pages and more than 150 historical photos of the fair. 

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Danbury's Third Century; From Urban Status to Tri-Centennial


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Danbury’s Third Century: From Urban Status to Tricentennial  by Dr. Herbert Janick and William Devlin.

Hardcover $20   

Softcover $15 

All sales of this title benefit The Danbury Museum & Historical Society.

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Gift Shop Items

Other Books & Publications

  • The Great Danbury State Fair A to Z by Theresa Buzaid $15.00  
  • The Great Danbury State Fair by Andrea Zimmerman  $22.00  
  • Danbury Tricentennial Booklet Series $2.00  
  • Danbury History Themed Journals from Seraphemera Books $25
  • Benjamin Hoyt’s Book; A transcribed version of an original 1830 memoir. $2.00
  • Hooray for Heroes  $13.00
  • Marian Anderson; A Singer’s Journey $30.00
  • History of Danbury Hospital 1885-2010 $15.00
  • Tom Thumb Performs in Danbury edited by A. H. Saxon $3.00
  • What Charlie Heard by Mordecai Gerstein (Charles Ives biography for children.)

Danbury Themed Items

Handcrafted items from many local crafters and artists available year-round! 

Items change all the time.

Long Sleeve Danbury T-Shirts $20
Danbury Mugs $10
Danbury Fair Mugs $12
Museum Magnets $2
Museum Postcards $1
Mad Hatter Temporary Tattoos $1
Men's Felt Hats $12
Mob Caps $10

Colonial Toys

Colonial Games and Crafts for Kids  

ABC Sampler Sewing Kit $20 

Arrowheads $3
Chalkboard Set $10 

Colonial Loom $12

Cup & Ball Game $6

Dream Catcher Kit $8
Fife $15
Game of Graces $12 

God's Eye Kit $7
Harmonica $8 

Hopscotch Game $7

Hornbook Battledore $8
Jacks $4
Jacob’s Ladder $5
Jaw Harp $5 

Juggling Set $8

Jump Rope Games $9
Kazoo $7
Marbles $6
Nine Men Morris Game  $5
Penny Whistle $9

Playing Cards $5

Quill Pen $4
Quoits $4
Signal Whistle $7
Spinning Top $2.50  
Wooden Propeller $5