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Since 1942, the Danbury Museum has served the public as stewards of our local history and as a repository for Danbury’s treasured artifacts and memories. Our collection of historic artifacts and archival material is made available to visitors, regional lovers of history, and international scholars alike. Main Street scenes of yesteryear, personal diaries and letters from musical legends Marian Anderson and Charles Ives, and memorabilia from the Great Danbury State Fair and Racearena, are but a few samples of our vast and carefully preserved collection.

The Danbury Museum works to engage the community and to ensure that Danbury history continues to be a vital part of our regional culture.  For the past decade, we have welcomed more than 25,000 tourists each year hailing from all parts of the globe. We connect with 40,000+ individuals monthly on our social media platforms which means that last year we had the pleasure of interacting—in person and online—with more than half a million museum friends. During the school year, the Museum impacts more than 6,000 regional students both offsite and onsite as they tour our historic buildings and learn all about the colonial and Revolutionary War history of Danbury from professional re-enactors. We strive to keep Danbury’s history alive and relevant to our modern society.

Your membership is an integral part of sustaining the financial health of the Museum. With your help, the Museum is able to:

* Safeguard your 500,000+ donated items in perpetuity. We take special care to ensure that each and every object is databased, categorized, and properly protected from damaging elements with the latest archival techniques.

* Employ trained researchers to assist with all manner of genealogical and scholarly research projects, both student and professional.  

* Preserve iconic historic structures throughout the greater Danbury area. 

* Create and display multiple, new and exciting exhibits annually which cover a vast array of topics in Danbury’s history and appeal to locals and visitors alike.

But we couldn’t do any of this without your assistance. It is by your donations, your membership, your volunteer hours, your love and support that we can offer such services back to the community. You make the difference!

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Edward R. Siergiej, President, Friends of the Danbury Museum


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